Emmauniel Eboue
Emmauniel Eboue

Former Arsenal defender Emmanuel Eboue was arrested on charges of arson but finally, the 35-year-old has received some relief.

Within 24 hours of being arrested, the right-back has been released on bail at a police station in North London.

A statement from Metropolitan police read: “Police investigating an alleged arson at a residential address in Enfield on Saturday, 30 June, arrested a 35-year-old man on suspicion of arson and malicious communications outside the address at around 17:00hrs on Saturday, 7 July.

“He was taken to a north London police station where he currently remains.”

Emmanuel Eboue played 214 games for the Gunners during the course of seven seasons but once he left Arsenal his career went on a rapid decline.

After an average stint with Galatasaray, the right-back joined Sunderland in 2016 on a short-term loan but Emmanuel Eboue was unable to play a single game for the Black Cats.

Immediately after the 35-year-old joined Sunderland he was slapped with a one-year ban from all football-related activity for failing to pay a former agent.

And in an interview, this February Emmanuel Eboue had claimed that he was going to a financial crisis and is desperate to get back to playing football.

Eboue said: “All I want is to return to football once more. I still possess ability. I would even go to places like Baghdad or Pakistan just to play football. I don’t care where.

“I live with my bags already packed, as there is a chance I could be kicked out of my house. I don’t have anyone by my side nowadays.

“I feel abandoned. I used to get on well with my children and my family, and now I am completely alone.”

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