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The Football Association has been hit with a new problem as charges of corruption for the Wembley Stadium sale have cropped up during the past few days.

The Wembley Stadium sale is scheduled to be one of the most monumental deals for the English FA in recent years and the deal was all set to be closed within the end of this month.

The FA Council were scheduled to meet this month in order to vote on the Wembley Stadium sale and Shahid Khan Khan – the owner of the NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars had even sent out letters to all the council members stating that he will be a ‘responsible owner.’

What is the Wembley Stadium sale controversy?

But now the FA are going to launch an investigation on the supposed deal after charges of ‘systematic corruption’ were raised by Fulham’s former assistant director of football operations Craig Kline.

Shahid Khan also owns the Premier League side Fulham and Kline recently claimed in a series of tweets.

Kline is a friend of Shahid’s son Tony, and the former has claimed in a tweet that he has evidence which can prove there has a systematic corruption in the Wembley Stadium sale.

In one of the tweets, Craig Kline wrote: “Dear FA Council (+relevant police, MPs, regulators, press etc). I have key evidence of systemic corruption relevant to the Wembley vote which I’d like to submit. Please request this info from me.”

Reacting to the Wembley Stadium sale corruption charges, an FA spokesperson said: “We have recently been contacted by Craig Kline who has made a series of allegations about Fulham FC. We are currently in the process of reviewing these allegations.”

While these allegations might turn out to be nothing in the end but surely the FA are not taking any chances before the monumental £600 million Wembley Stadium sale.

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