Raheem Sterling England
Raheem Sterling Man City

England will take on Croatia in the semi-final fo the World Cup on Wednesday evening and both the teams will be eager to come out on top.

Both the teams will have a lot of hope resting on them given the fact that Croatia will be playing their first semi-final since 1998 while England will be playing their first since 1990.

And before the match, Croatian coach Zlatko Dalic has named that one player who can cause trouble for his side on Wednesday.

Dalic has gone on to claim that Raheem Sterling is one of England’s most dangerous players.

Speaking to the press, Dalic said: “I wouldn’t say there are any glaring weaknesses – they are in the semi-finals, that says it all.

“They showed from the games I’ve seen so far that they play direct football and they are very fast.

“They are really good at set-pieces and their tall players are dangerous at corners.

“I think Raheem Sterling is an important player because he is really fast and his combination with Harry Kane is really dangerous.”

He also praised Sterling’s pace and power and said he and his coaching team would be analysing England more closing over the next two days before passing that information on to his players.

“They dealt with Sweden relatively easily so we know they are going to be a difficult opponent and we respect them,” he said.

“But we believe in our strengths, too. We don’t fear England or anybody else.”

Zlatko Dalic’s identification of Raheem Sterling as an important player clearly suggest that the Manchester City man divides opinion.

Recently the 23-year-old has come under heavy fire from the English fans who have trolled him for his inability to finish off good chances.

On the other hand, former England greats like David Beckham has come out in support of the footballer claiming that the Raheem Sterling is a top rated player – destined for success.

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