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Harry Kane England Spurs

England have been having a dream run at the 2018 World Cup as they are now in the semi-finals of the tournament where they will face Croatia on Wednesday.

This is England’s first semi-final since 1990 and if Gareth Southgate’s side manages to outclass Croatia then the Three Lions will have the chance to end their decades-old trophy drought.

England lifted the World Cup in 1966 and since then there has been nothing but hope.

But now the English fans are hopeful that Harry Kane and co can bring the trophy home.

While all the fans and pundits are busy analysing the outcome of the Croatia vs England game, journalist Jon Erlichman tried to use his sense of humour before Wednesday’s encounter.

Jon Erlichman who is a Canadian journalist tweeted a funny tweet:

“Things that didn’t exist the last time England reached the semi-finals:

“iPhone Facebook Google Amazon Android Twitter Instagram iPod Yahoo YouTube Snapchat LinkedIn Wikipedia Text msgs BuzzFeed BlackBerry Spotify Tesla Skype Uber Airbnb Bitcoin Fitbit Emojis eBay iPad. #WorldCup”

The tweet was undoubtedly funny and a little over 900 people retweeted it.

But Erlichman did not realise what was coming his way.

As soon as the tweet was posted a number of people showed up to defend England and some of them ever made a couple of harsh statements.

Not, Idafe Martin Perez though.

Perez who is also a journalist decided to make the cheekiest of replies.

He just wrote: “Croatia.”

For those of you who are failing to under the joke, then you should first know that Croatia or the Republic of Croatia that we know today came into existence in 1991 before which the country was a part of Yugoslavia.

With just a single tweet a number of Twitteratis got a major history lesson.

But these political factors will surely not come into play once England and Croatia take the field at Moscow on Wednesday evening.

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