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Gary Neville

Manchester United vs Liverpool has always been one of the biggest football rivalries in the world and former players have every now and then revealed stories of how both the clubs hated each other to the core.

So the last thing one fan would want is to wear a jersey of their rivals.

And now imagine if a former Man United legend had to wear a Liverpool jersey.

Apparently, we all might see this sight after former Man United captain Gary Neville lost a penalty shootout to Liverpool’s Jamie Carragher who as a punishment has asked Neville to wear a Liverpool jersey.

Carragher wrote: “He’s always wanted to wear an @LFC shirt!”

And just when you thought that the punishment could not have been hard enough, the former Liverpool defender added a clause whereby he said that the jersey that Gary Neville will be wearing will have new signing Xherdan Shaqiri’s name on the back.

“We’ll get 23 Shaqiri on the back, he hates Shaqiri,” Carragher added.

Neville recently had some harsh words to say about Liverpool’s new signing claiming that Shaqiri has the tendency of going missing during big games.

A couple of weeks ago, Neville had said: “I’m not a fan of Shaqiri, to be honest with you. I think that was, to be fair, worse by the fact that he distanced himself from his team-mates as Stoke. They were unprofessional last season, Stoke. There’s no doubt, and he epitomised it.

“He could score the goal of the tournament and he could have the most amazing game.

“But he could also be there for three matches, do nothing and just amble and wobble around.

“To be honest with you, with him, players like that I can’t have. I struggle with it.”

Liverpool play their first game of the new Premier League season this weekend when they welcome Manuel Pellegrini’s new-look West Ham side at Anfield.

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