David De Gea
David de Gea Man United

Recently Spain’s new prime minister Pedro Sanchez met with Spain’s 23-man squad who are travelling to the World Cup in Russia and the newly appointed PM delivered a speech infront of the players.

At the end of the speech, every player was seen applauding the head of the country.

Everyone except David De Gea.

The Manchester United keeper stood in line with hands in his pocket as a mark of protest against Sanchez.

Back in 2016 right before the Euro 2016 began De Gea was accused of setting up a meeting between two women and two Spain Under-21 players which led to a sexual assault at a hotel in Madrid.

Even though De Gea’s name was eventually cleared of all charges but back then Pedro Sanchez made a couple of harsh statements about the United No 1.

It has now been revealed that the Spanish PM apologised privately to David when he met with the national team last week.

While the Spain No 1 has accepted the apology, he demands that Sanchez makes a formal public apology as the statements he had made back in 2016 were public.

De Gea told AS“I politely accepted his apology, 

“The issue is that what he said back in the day was in public and that is why I think the apology should also be a public one.

“It’s also true that the majority of people in the public eye that disrespected me have not even apologised to me in private.

“It’s easy to talk about others in this country. I always said that it was a lie and yet people continued saying that I should not go to the national team.

“In the end, things are proven and we saw that it was all a lie. It personally didn’t affect me much but obviously, I have people close to me that are affected by this more than me. But it’s water under the bridge.”

David De Gea also went onto say that despite all the bad blood with the prime minister and also speculations about him moving to Real Madrid, he is fully focused on doing well in the World Cup.

“The important thing is the World Cup — there cannot be anything else to turn your attention away from that,” the 27-year-old said.

“We have to be focused. It’s very important to have a good World Cup and I hope we can go far and win — that would be amazing.

“Football is football and a thousand things can happen. But I’m always calm and come my way, I will continue to be the same. I just want to be 100 per cent focused on the World Cup.”

Spain kick off their World Cup campaign when they take on Portugal in the first Group B encounter on Friday.

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