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Unai Emery Arsenal

Arsenal have two wins out of four Premier League games this season and after initial setbacks against Man City and Chelsea, Unai Emery’s side look stable.

While fans are hoping to get back their glory days under new boss Unai Emery but a recent revelation has suggested that the former PSG boss might have some really weird tactics up his sleeve.

Arsenal played their first game of the new season against defending champions Manchester City losing the match 2-0 but now Man City’s groundsman has revealed that Unai Emery gave up with a rather odd tactic to keep City from scoring.

According to Lee Jackson, Unai Emery chose not to water the pitch at half-time in order to stop Guardiola’s men from playing free-flowing football.

Jackson said: ‘We get beaten with a stick by fans on forums about players slipping over, but every manager will dictate whether that pitch gets watered – it’s not our decision,

‘It’s driven by them as they have been working all week to get a result.

‘One noticeable difference was when we went to Arsenal.

‘After 20 years under the same manager, they didn’t water the pitch before the match or at halftime, which is very unusual. It didn’t do them any good thankfully.

‘When Tony Pulis was at Stoke you would walk on the pitch before the game and couldn’t see your feet, it was so long.

‘But most managers now want it wet and short as the ball travels quicker, they tell us.’

This tactic was clearly used by Unai Emery to slow down the pace of the ball which has always helped Guardiola’s faced paced football.

But the fact that Unai Emery used this tactic immediately draw comparisons with Man United manager Jose Mourinho who has time and again been blamed for playing defensive football.

While Mourinho has been criticized for setting up defensive minded teams but we are pretty sure that even he would not have used such a strategy.

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