Yarmolenko's injury
Andriy Yarmolenko West Ham United

West Ham United signed Andriy Yarmolenko from Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund but the winger is yet to settle into English football.

The Hammers paid somewhere around £17.5million for the services of the 28-year-old but Andriy Yarmolenko has managed to score just two goals in nine games for Manuel Pellegrini’s side.

While the fans have been somewhat critical about the winger’s performances but one person who has bashed him left right and centre is Ukrainian pundit Wladimir Kobelkov.

Kobelkov has been highly judgmental about Andriy Yarmolenko and now the West Ham player wants to settle the debate once and for all.

But instead of asking the pundit to come and have a debate with him, Andriy Yarmolenko has oddly enough chosen to challenge Kobelkov to a fight.

Yes, an actual fist fight.

“In my youth, I fought a lot,” said Yarmolenko.

“There were wins and there were losses. It’s normal for a boy, for a man.”

“I want to announce my next fight. I don’t want to listen to that Kobelkov any longer. I want to call him out for a fight and get my revenge on all those things he’s said on air. I’m waiting for an answer.”

Now we are just waiting to see whether Wladimir Kobelkov will accept Andriy Yarmolenko’s challenge.

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