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The Premier League has just entered it’s second international break which means that we have gotten some time to look back at the eight games that have been played.

Three teams are currently tied at the top while the likes of Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur have been struggling to get close to that top four.

West Ham United had made a terrible start to the new season looking a series of games but now finally Manuel Pellegrini seems to have steadied the ship.

And amongst this, the good folks at talkSPORT decided to take a look at the worst finisher in the Premier League this season.

To be honest, everyone thought the worst finisher would have to come from a mid-table team which has been struggling to score goals this season.

But in reality the worst finisher in the Premier League this season is from a team which is currently at the top of their game.

As per statistics, Liverpool forward Mo Salah is currently the worst finisher in the Premier League this season.

Yes, that very same Mo Salah who was on fire last campaign – ending the season with 32 goals and single-handedly helping Liverpool reach the Champions League finals.

Liverpool are yet to lose a game this season but most of that is down to goals scored by Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino.

talkSPORT claim that Mo Salah has scored three goals from an astonishing 32 attempts out of which seven were ‘big chances missed’.

As per the report Mo Salah has been performing rather poorly as compared to his expected goals.

Expected goals is defined as:

“Expected goals (xG) is a statistic used to determine the quality of every shot taken throughout a match, with an xG of 1.00 being a shot which should be scored every single time it is attempted.

“Over the course of a season, you can calculate how many goals every player should have scored from the chances they have had, with many players’ real performances somewhat matching those displayed by the stats. For example, Harry Kane has scored five goals this season with an xG of 5.22; he has scored 0.22 less than he should have.

“The Egypt star has the highest xG of any player in the Premier League this season, which means he has been presented with the best goalscoring chances in the division.

“However, he has underperformed his xG of 5.91 by almost three goals, having netted just thrice this term.

“His xG vs real goals difference of 2.91 is the biggest in the division, with Callum Wilson, the Bournemouth forward, ranking second having underperformed his xG by 2.34 goals.

“Salah’s xG performance this season is wildly different to that from his record-breaking previous campaign.”

Apart from being the worst finisher in the Premier League the report also claimed that if Mo Salah keeps in performing at this rate, he will finish nowhere close to the top of the goalscoring charts at the end of the campaign.

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