Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata is labelled by many as not only a good footballer but also a good human being and it looks like the Spaniard is proving that with each passing day.

Ever since Mata moved to Manchester United, the Spaniard has become a fan favourite at Old Trafford and now a club insider has revealed that the playmaker decides to help out the club’s staff with all the tough jobs that need to be done while other players, get into their expensive cars and head home.

A club insider has revealed to the Sun: “Juan is a special guy – he has started to help the kit man and his staff over the last couple of months. It sums up what kind of person he is.

“While his team-mates just jump into their flashy motors and zoom off after being dropped off back after away games, Juan has taken it on himself to stay behind and give a helping hand to the ordinary staff.

“It’s a huge job to unload all the gear of the coach and takes a good while.

“People have been saying what a great gesture it is but, to be honest, it’s just typical of the man – we are saying he has to be the nicest man in football.”

When Jose Mourinho joined Manchester United everyone claimed that Juan Mata’s time at the club was cut short because it was Mourinho who had sold off the Spaniard to United while they were together at Chelsea.

But now not only have both of them sorted out their relationship but now Juan Mata is one of the first players on Mourinho’s matchday team sheet.

Juan Mata also became part of the Common Goal project a couple of months back where players pledge a minimum of 1% of their wages to a collective fund which is then reallocation to various footballing charities.

Players like Matt Hummels, Giorgio Chiellini, Kasper Schmeichel and Shinji Kagawa have all pledged to the Common Goal initiative.

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