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Former Rangers FC captain Fernando Ricksen was struck by ALS back in 2013 and since then the former Netherlands international has been battling to stay fit.

Ricksen spent six glorious years at Rangers from 2000 up until 2006 winning seven major trophies during his time at Ibrox.

But ever since Fernando Ricksen was attacked by the motor neurone disease, his muscles are becoming weak and he has been unable to speak.

Now though the former Rangers man, has been provided with a computer that has enabled him to speak after a long time.

A firm by the name of rdgKompagne got in touch with Ricksen’s biographer Vincent de Vries and donated him a voice generator which is helping him speak.

And with the help of this computer, Ricksen has sent out an emotional message to everyone.

Ricksen said: “Hello, for the people who don’t know me I am Fernando Ricksen and I suffer from Motor Neurone Disease also known as ALS.

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“Because of this muscle disease, I’m unable to speak. I have a new device that speaks for me.

“At the moment I only have a female voice so bear with me. First I want to thank everyone for the love and support on my birthday. Thank you for the energy.”

While there’s no denying that Fernando Ricksen’s speech is limited but the former Rangers man will surely be delighted to express his thoughts into words after such a long time.

Here are some reactions from the fans:

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