Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane has been winning the top goalscorer award in the Premier League for the past two seasons and the English International was also convinced that he can pull off a hattrick this time around.

But a certain Mohammed Salah has been playing party spoiler for Harry Kane.

Liverpool’s Mo Salah has taken the Premier League by storm and the Egyptian is currently on 29 goals – 4 infront of Kane.

And this whole Golden Boot controversy started when Spurs decided to appeal to the Premier League goals accreditation panel to award Harry Kane a goal against Stoke City which was originally credited to Christian Eriksen.

This appeal clearly showed how desperate Tottenham Hotspur had become in order to make Harry Kane win the Golden Boot. And once the decision was reversed and Kane was credited with the goal, a lot of Premier League stars came out to rubbish the move.

But now Harry Kane has come out and revealed what the top goal scorer ward means to him and why he must overtake Salah by the end of the season.

The 24-year-old told Sky Sports: “Your job as a striker is to score goals and I feel if I don’t that I have let the team down,

“I feel very passionate about it, I work very hard at the craft, it’s competition, when you are fighting for the Golden Boot it’s good competition and I want to win at everything I do, whether it’s a match, the Golden Boot, or training.

“I always want to win and I have always had that. That passion and excitement of being the best and the highest scorer that season is what I want to achieve.

“We will see. He[Salah] has done great, he has had an amazing season and has gone ahead, so we will see,

“Because we are battling against Liverpool for the top four as well it’s a bit of excitement. He scores four, let’s see what I can come back with.

“Whatever happens at the end of the season both of us will have had good seasons and we both enjoy it.

“It’s just the competition and trying to win, that’s what I enjoy.”

With just four goals behind the Liverpool forward, Harry Kane now has a very realistic chance of overtaking the Egyptian given the fact that Jurgen Klopp will surely look to rest Salah especially with the Champions League semi-finals coming up pretty soon.

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