Spartak Stadium Russia World Cup
Spartak Stadium Russia

The tensions between Russia and England are at its peak over the past couple of months and in between this the English team have travelled to Russia to take part in the World Cup.

The problems between the two nations arose after a former Russia spy and his daughter were killed in England due to poisoning. After this, both the nations have been taking every step cautiously.

And now the British government are making sure that the fans travelling to Russia do not face any sort of trouble during the month-long tournament.

More than 1,000 English football hooligans have had to hand in their passports ahead of the World Cup in order to prevent them from travelling to the World Cup.

This confiscating of passports also stems from the fears that there can be a repeat of the clashes between Russia and English fans that happened during the 2016 Euros.

The British government issued a statement on Wednesday which claims that the Football Banning Orders Authority (FBOA) – part of the Home Office has told a total of 1312 people to surrender their passports before the World Cup begins.

And as per the statement, up until Wednesday, a total of 1254 people have handed over their passports.

The statement read: “This (the 1,254) represents 96% of the people currently subject to football banning orders who hold a passport,

“Police will continue to root out the small number of outstanding passports throughout the tournament.”

Nick Hurd, the Minister for Policing and the Fire Service said: “The World Cup is a festival of football and is no place for violence or disorder,

“The UK’s system of football banning orders is unique and means that people intent on causing trouble in Russia will instead be staying at home.

“I’m grateful to police forces for taking the necessary enforcement action to ensure that these thugs won’t be able to ruin the tournament for real fans.”

The British police have revealed that they will hold onto the passports until the World Cup comes to a close irrespective of whether England are knocked out of the tournament or not.

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