Roberto Martinez Belgium
Roberto Martinez Belgium

Belgium are drawn in one of the trickier Groups of the World Cup alongside England and Tunisia and the fans are expecting their team to top the group.

This has become a bit of a headache for coach Roberto Martinez who recently signed a new contract with the national side.

And no, the problem does not seem to be with the players bonding with each other but rather it is a case of difference in mentality.

The players in the Belgium squad are mostly from the Premier League and that too from four sides – namely, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Spurs.

And according to a report in the Manchester Evening News, Roberto Martinez is having nightmares in bringing the players all under one roof.

As per the report, all the players who play for the above mentioned four clubs have been used to playing in a certain style and they just cannot shed it.

On one hand, you have players coached by Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte the managers of Man United and Chelsea respectively.

Both these managers highly depend on counter-attacking football meaning that when their team do not have the ball the players drop down and help out in defence.

And by the looks of it, their players are also doing the same during the national team games.

On the other hand, you have players who are coached by Pep Guardiola and Mauricio Pochettino and both these managers rely on ultra offensive tactics.

And players like Kevin De Bruyne just cannot get out of that mould.

These two conflicting tactics is a serious cause of concern for Belgium head coach Roberto Martinez.

Eden Hazard and co kick off their campaign on Monday against Panama and they go onto face Tunisia that same weekend.

The kind of quality that Belgium posses should be enough to see them through in both these games but their litmus test will come in their final group stage match against England.

England have the firepower to really hurt Belgium if they do not get their act together and work as one unit.

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