Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho Man United

Every major footballing personality in the world has been giving their thoughts on who would win the FIFA World Cup and most of them have their best on either Brazil or Germany. Bu, not Jose Mourinho.

The Special One is always known as a person who would lead rather than follow and his favourite team is one on which a lot of people will not put their money on.

When asked who will the World Cup, the Manchester United manager claimed that England have a pretty good chance of ending their 52-year drought and lift the trophy this time around in Russia.

His choice is undoubtedly an odd one given the fact that many former English players do not see their teams reaching the finals.

Mourinho said: “They have a good group of young but experienced players. 

“All of them play in the most competitive competition in the world, the Premier League, all of them playing for the best teams with experience of playing in the Champions League, which is a high level of football, obviously.

Yes, I think they can do it,”

Mourinho also added that both Brazil and Germany have more balanced sides but that does not mean they will win big. He also does not expect Russia to pull out any miracles.

“They have good squads but good squads don’t always make good teams… (but) I don’t think the underdogs will make a big surprise,” he said.

“In the end, the top teams in South America and Europe are the ones that will be fighting for the title.”

England have been drawn in Group G against Belgium, Tunisia and Panama and they play their first game in the World Cup on Monday against Tunisia after which they take on Panama. And in the final group game, they take on Roberto Martinez’s Belgium.

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