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Unai Emery Arsenal

Arsenal’s Premier League fixtures for the 2018-19 season are here and new manager Unai Emery is sure to frown looking at the first couple of fixtures.

In the first game of the Premier League, Arsenal take on Manchester City at home and the very next weekend they travel to Stamford Bridge in order to take on Chelsea.

Here’s a look at Arsenal’s Premier League fixtures for the 2018-19 season:


11: Manchester City (h)

18: Chelsea (a)

25: West Ham United (h)


1: Cardiff City (a)

15: Newcastle United (a)

22: Everton (h)

29: Watford (h)


6: Fulham (a)

20: Leicester City (h)

27: Crystal Palace (a)


3: Liverpool (h)

10: Wolves (h)

24: Bournemouth (a)


1: Tottenham Hotspur (h)

4: Manchester United (a)

8: Huddersfield Town (h)

15: Southampton (a)

22: Burnley (h)

26: Brighton (a)

29: Liverpool (a)


1: Fulham (h)

12: West Ham United (a)

19: Chelsea (h)

29: Cardiff City (h)


2: Manchester City (a)

9: Huddersfield Town (a)

23: Southampton (h)

26: Bournemouth (h)


2: Tottenham Hotspur (a)

9: Manchester United (h)

16: Wolves (a)

30: Newcastle United (h)


6: Everton (a)

13: Watford (a)

20: Crystal Palace (h)

27: Leicester City (a)


4: Brighton (h)

12: Burnley (a)

After the Chelsea game though, Arsenal’s Premier League fixtures for the 2018-19 season cools down a lot as they do not face another top 6 six team(Liverpool) until the first week of November.

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