Tottenham Hotspur decided to appeal Christian Eriksen’s goal against Stoke City as they wanted that goal to be credited to their striker Harry Kane.

But ever since that incident, it seems like the English International has become the butt of all jokes and now even rival players have joined the bandwagon to mock the striker.

Spurs decided to appeal to the Premier League panel requesting Eriksen’s goal to be awarded to Harry Kane and they have also been successful with their plea after the concerned board reversed the decision and decided to award the goal to the striker.

After the decision was reversed a lot of fans took to social media to poke fun at Harry Kane and now even the Arsenal players have started to banter him.

Arsenal’s official photographer Stuart MacFarlane posted a picture on Twitter in which it looked as if Hector Bellerin had successfully pulled off a nutmeg on Alexandre Lacazette.

The set of pictures were captioned: “Looks like a nutmeg to me @LacazetteAlex #afc #arsenal

But the Gunners striker decided to comment on the picture claiming that he had actually got a touch on the ball and Bellerin, in fact, did not succeed in pulling off a proper nutmeg.

And after this reply right-back, Hector Bellerin came up with an epic response in which he implied that Lacazette was another striker in recent weeks who had claimed that he got a touch on the ball when he actually didn’t.

Bellerin was obviously replying to Harry Kane’s comments after Spurs’ win against Stoke City when the striker had claimed that he had indeed got a touch for the goal which was awarded to Christian Eriksen.

Hector Bellerin is not the only one was has taken a dig at Harry Kane and Spurs’ desperation as earlier this week a bunch of Liverpool players showed their disbelief when the Premier League panel decided to award Eriksen’s goal to Harry Kane.

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