Rangers FC Steven Gerrard blaming Scott Brown
Rangers FC manager Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard is currently managing Rangers FC in the Scottish Premiership and the former Liverpool midfielder has already won over the Gers fans.

The Teddy Bears have gone through a major rehaul during the summer under Gerrard and they are currently third on the league table – just two points behind league leaders Celtic FC.

While everyone has been praising the wonderful work that Steven Gerrard has done in such a short period of time, the former England international has revealed how current Liverpool has affected his managerial career.

“I was like a sponge, watching and learning. I watch him on TV and see how he handles situations,” Gerrard told the Guardian.

“I could never be Jürgen with his charisma and energy. But if I can take a few things from him it will be such a help. And if I text, call or see him, Jürgen’s always got time for me.

“Jürgen’s really good at switching off. When the game is on he’s very emotional but once it’s over he can park the emotion. That’s why he’s so good at handling the pressure.

“Tomorrow is a different day and that’s a big lesson I have to learn. I have to live my life outside football while still being a manager. It is difficult but I’m trying.

“I love Jürgen Klopp and I believe he can help Liverpool win the Premier League. I know what it will mean to the fans because they suffered so much in 2014,

“So we’re in a great place – and I say ‘we’ because I’m a fan and always will be. But I’ve got two teams in my heart now: Rangers and Liverpool.”

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