Reports have emerged over the last couple of hours that Chelsea are interested in signing Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez and are planning a late bid.

And it seems that Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has somewhat confirmed these rumours.

Manchester United won their Monday night fixture against Stoke City 3-0 and after the match, Jose Mourinho was asked by the reporters what he made of the rumours that Chelsea are trying to make a last-gasp attempt to sign Alexis Sanchez.

“I am not confident but I am not unconfident. I am just relaxed,” the United boss told the news conference.

“He is an Arsenal player, he can stay there, but I have a feeling he can move and if he moves I think we have a chance.

“Other big clubs are probably interested. Who knows.”

He was also asked about Liverpool ending the unbeaten streak of Manchester City and how the loss will affect United’s race to the top spot.

“I didn’t watch Liverpool beat Manchester City, it doesn’t change anything,” he said.

“The distance is an important distance, I have been there before. They have their destiny in their hands.”

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