After picking up a superb win against Manchester City last weekend and in turn delaying their rivals’ title winning celebrations, this week Manchester United gifted Guardiola’s side the league title by suffering an embarrassing defeat at the hands of West Brom.

Mourinho’s men slumped down to a 1-0 defeat at the hands of West Brom that too at home which meant that Manchester City did not have to wait to win their next game in order to wrap up the Premier League.

And City defender Vincent Kompany decided to celebrate this win in front of a United fan.

But before you jump to a wrong conclusion let us make it clear that Kompany did not intend to mock their cross-city rivals in any way.

Vicent was at a family get-together at his wife Carla’s parents’ home in Irlam and it was during this moment when Manchester United bottled their home game against the Baggies.

When the final whistle was blown and City were officially crowned the Premier League champions, Kompany was seen[as witnessed on the club’s Facebook page] jumping in joy and hugging his wife.

And amidst all this celebration, a gloomy Manchester United fan was seen sitting in the background who was a relative to the Manchester City captain.

Kompany said: “It just shows how football is lived in Manchester – we’ve got Reds in the family we’ve got Blues in the family,

“Today was a day for the Blues – there have been many days for the Reds before, and ultimately it’s banter.

“He’s a better loser than a winner, I have got to be honest! He was gracious about it and, to be honest, happy for the family. It was a great day.

“I’ve been lucky to win three but here’s so many I’ve missed as well,

“I’m happy but I guess my teammates will roll their eyes a little bit when I say this but I want to see how their reaction is going to be now.

“I’ve never been able to retain a title and I want to see whether this team has got it to carry on and be even more successful.”

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