World Cup prize money
Subasic Croatia

The 2018 World Cup has come to an end with France becoming the world champions after beating Croatia 4-2 on Sunday.

France have lifted the trophy exactly 20 years later and the party scenes in Moscow, as well as France, are crazy.

But amongst these congratulatory messages and celebrations, a lot of people have forgotten that the World Cup trophy is not the only thing that the French players won on Sunday.

Becoming the 2018 World Cup Champions, France will now receive $38 million from FIFA.

And if reports are to be believed then FIFA will be giving out exactly $400 million in prize money to all the 32 teams who played during the month-long tournament in Russia.

Croatia who were the runners-up in the World Cup will receive $28 million while Belgium will be getting $24 million after beating England to the third spot.

England who reached their first semi-final since 1990 will be receiving $22 million.

Here’s the full list of the prize money that is set to be distributed amongst the 32 teams:

$8 million: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Peru, Australia, Nigeria, Iceland, Serbia, Costa Rica, South Korea, Germany, Tunisia, Panama, Senegal, Poland

$12 million: Portugal, Argentina, Mexico, Japan, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Colombia (Round of 16)

$16 million: Uruguay, Brazil, Russia, Sweden (Quarterfinal)

$22 million: England (fourth)

$24 million: Belgium (third)

$28 million: Croatia (runners-up)

$38 million: France (winners)

While countries like France, England, Belgium and some others will have little to no value for the prize money but teams like Panama and Egypt are the real winners of the tournament who get $8 million for just qualifying for the group stages.

And this money might help then a lot in the development of footballing facilities in their respective countries.

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