Hirving Lozano
Hirving Lozano

Mexico played their first Group F match in the World Cup on Sunday against Germany and against all odds the North American side came out 1-0 winners.

Mexico took the lead 10 minutes before halftime thanks to a goal from Hirving Lozano and for the remainder of the game, they defended resolutely against Joachim Low’s side in order to bag all the three points.

In reality, no one was really expecting Mexico to stand up against the defending champions least alone come out with all the three points.

When Hirving Lozano scored the only goal of the game in the 35th minute the stadium which clearly had more Mexican supporters erupted with joy.

But back home the scenes were more chaotic.

As Lozano put the ball into the back of the net, the whole country of Mexico jumped up in joy which resulted in an earthquake.

Yes, an earthquake.

According to the official Twitter account of government agency SIMSA, an earthquake was registered just prior to Hirving Lozano’s goal against Germany.

SIMSA wrote: “The # detected in Mexico City originated artificially. Possibly by massive jumps during the goal of the selection of # in the World Cup. At least two sensors inside the city detected it at 11:32.”

At first, there were a few doubts circulating about this report but later the Official account of Sismologia Chile on Twitter also confirmed that an “artificial quake” had been registered in Mexico City.

Sismologia Chile wrote: “Our devices seismic alert @SismoDetector also detected the artificial earthquake in real time, the maximum acceleration reached 37cm / s2. At the same time as the # goal against #GER.”

There are still debates whether the quake did really occur because of Hirving Lozano’s goal celebrations against Germany. While we can’t confirm the facts right now but what we do know is that a goal of that stature deserves such a celebration.

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