Dejan Lovren
Dejan Lovren

International breaks are supposed to be boring and the only thing that fans want from the international break is for it to get over.

But this break has been different.

And the prime reason for it being entertaining is due to Dejan Lovren and Sergio Ramos.

Croatia took on Spain earlier this week and it was here that Lovren and Sergio Ramos came face to face.

Croatia came out as 3-2 winner in the game but it is the elbow of Dejan Lovren that has been making all the headlines.

Dejan Lovren seemed to have deliberately elbowed Sergio Ramos during the match and after the contest, he went on to taunt the Real Madrid defender.

Lovren said in an Instagram live video: “Elbowed him good. Haha! 3-2! Go ahead and talk now, buddy! They are a bunch of p**sies”

And if this was not enough the Liverpool defender then went on to post a picture of the incident on social media with the caption: “Good Morning Croatia”

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Dobro jutro Hrvatska 🇭🇷

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And now the Liverpool fans are claiming that Dejan Lovren took the revenge for Mo Salah.

Sergio Ramos deliberately took down Mo Salah when Liverpool took on Real Madrid in the Champions League final at the end of the previous season.

This forced Mo Salah off the pitch – with tears in his eyes and Liverpool went to lose that game.

But now the Liverpool fans are happy that Dejan Lovren has given Sergio Ramos the taste of his own medicine.

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