The Football Association of England has finally decided to introduce the much need Premier League winter break and here all you need to know about it.

A large crop of footballers playing in England especially the foreign ones have for the longest time urged the FA to introduce a Premier League winter break much like what the other big leagues in Europe do. And it seems that the FA have finally listened.

What is the Premier League winter break?

The Premier League winter break will be sort of a mini holiday that all the clubs will receive during the festive period in and around the new year. Up until this point in time, the FA tried to play as many games as possible during the festive period while other major leagues in France, Germany and Spain remained inactive during this time.

When will the Premier League winter break start?

Most likely the new winter break would be made applicable from the 2019-20 season when the new television rights set in.

How long will the winter break be?

The FA are still undecided on this matter but from various reports coming out of England, it seems that each team will be guaranteed a minimum of 13 days between games.

Will the winter break be applicable to all the football being played in England?

Unfortunately no.

At this point in time, the winter break will only be applicable to the Premier League and the FA have no intention of adding it to the EFL calender neither for Championship.

What will the teams do during the winter break?

That’s a good question actually.

It would totally depend on individual teams on how they intend to utilize the Premier League winter break. Across major leagues in Europe when a winter break is announced, many teams give their players holidays so that they spend time with their family and rejuvenate themselves.

While some teams fly off to warmer climates and play friendlies with other teams.

Is the Premier League winter break decision final?

At this point no.

The Premier League announced recently that it was giving the Premier League winter break idea some serious thought and now reports suggest that the decision will be announced by the end of the current season.

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