Mo Salah Liverpool
Mo Salah Liverpool

Liverpool had one of their best campaigns last season as they reached the Champions League final only to lose to Real Madrid.

And many Reds fans till date believe that the match turned in the favour of Real Madrid simply because they lost Mo Salah to an injury early on in the first half.

Fans believe if Salah would have been on the pitch then things would have been much different and almost all of them are blaming Sergio Ramos for the harsh tackle.

Mo Salah injured his shoulder during the tackle and it turned out to be so bad that the Egyptian had a bad run in the World Cup.

And playing in this season’s first Champions League games the fears of that shoulder injury might just have resurfaced.

Liverpool kicked off their Champions League campaign with an emphatic win 3-2 over PSG and Mo Salah played an integral part.

At one point in the game, Salah took off his shirt to remove the top that he was wearing underneath immediately his shirtless body grabbed the eyeballs for all the wrong reasons.

A number of fans noticed that his left shoulder was bandaged and coincidently this was the very shoulder which was injured during that Sergio Ramos tackle.

And this bandage on his shoulder has divided the Liverpool fans with some claiming that the forward has not yet fully recovered from the Champions League final injury while others feel Mo Salah has suffered a fresh injury.

So have even gone on to lengths of claiming that his shoulder injury is the primary reason why Mo Salah has failed to make a good start to the new season.

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