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Son Hueng-Min

South Korea kicked off their 2018 World Cup campaign with a 1-0 defeat against Sweden and it was a very average performance from Shin Tae-Yong’s side.

But interestingly their performance during the match is not the talking point.

South Korea defender Park Joo-ho suffered an injury during the first half of the game as a result of which he had to be taken off the pitch.

But as the medical team were preparing him to take off the field fans saw a very bizarre thing.

Instead of using the magic spray to treat Joo-ho’s leg injury, the South Korea medical staff were seen wrapping cling film around the player’s injury.

Yes, cling film.

And as soon as this incident was caught on camera, everyone has been talking about this weird treatment.

So we decided to decode this mystery and find out why exactly was a thing that is used to wrap household items being used on a player’s leg.

Well for starters. cling film is actually not a part of the treatment. The cling film is just to wrap up the affected area before further treatment can be handed out. Think bandage.

Now many might ask then why not use bandage instead of a cling film.

You see, wrapping a cling film around a wound/injury has a whole lot of benefits.

According to a website called RealFastAid here are some reasons why using cling film has a lot of advantages.

  • It is waterproof giving it an edge over conventional bandages which quickly become soaked or tapes which lose their adherence.
  • It is airtight thus helping to keep the moisture in and infection out.
  • It is inherently clean.
  • It is transparent which helps to monitor infection or wound healing without having to repeatedly expose and redress a wound.
  • It is malleable – being able to contort to complicated body shapes like knuckles or elbows.

So clearly South Korea know what they are doing. Chill.

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