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What do you do if Cristiano Ronaldo calls you for lunch: Former teammate answers

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid

Portugal have made a wonderful start to their World Cup campaign courtesy Cristiano Ronaldo who scored a hattrick to help his team win a crucial point against Spain.

And ever since that performance the world has been gushing over the forward and one of those whose is singing Cristiano Ronaldo’s praises is former teammate Patrice Evra.

Patrice Evra is currently in Russia covering the World Cup for ITV Sports. And was during one of these events that the former Manchester United full-back shared a very funny story about Cristiano Ronaldo.

Evra said: “I will give advice to anybody — when Cristiano invites you for lunch, just say no,” Evra said. “Not because of the food, but it feels like a training session over there.

“He asked me to come after training, I was really tired, but at the table was just salad and plain white chicken, just water, no juice. We started eating and I thought some big meat was coming after that, but nothing.

“He just finishes and starts playing with the ball. I’ve just finished eating but we start playing two-touch, then he wants to go to the pool to swim, afterwards some jacuzzi, sauna.

“Then I say why are we here? Do we have a game tomorrow? That is why I recommend to anybody, when Cristiano asks you for lunch to his house, just say no, don’t go.

“He is a machine, never wants to stop training.

“Being serious, he deserves everything he has as he has worked so hard.”

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