Mauricio Pochettino to Man United or Spurs
Pochettino Spurs

Tottenham Hotspur won their second game of the season 3-1 vs Fulham and with that, the Lilywhites have picked up two wins in their first two games.

Spurs took the lead in the first half through a wonderful curler from Lucas Moura and then two quickfire goals from Kieran Trippier and Harry Kane sealed a comfortable victory for the London outfit.

And after picking up three points everyone was hoping to have a very relaxed Mauricio Pochettino during the post-match press conference.

But instead of having a smile on his face the Spurs boss chose to go on a five-minute rant when asked a very simple question.

Pochettino was asked about the future of Toby Alderweireld at the club after reports had suggested that Alderweireld along with Danny Rose and Moussa Dembele were free to leave the club.

And as soon as this question was thrown at his, Mauricio Pochettino burst out saying:

“I am so open if players want to leave, but if they are going to be here I want all commitment, if not we can find a solution.

“I am so tired to talk about if some players aren’t happy or some players want to leave.

“Of course every player if they don’t play will be disappointed.

“But the rules in football… look, you (England) created football and you create the rules.

“Why didn’t the English people in the past put 24 players on the pitch, why is the squad 25 players if you can only play 11?

“Why not like basketball that you can change every minute, why not like in Italy when you all can be on the bench and don’t have a list of 18?

“I am so tired about that, I want to enjoy football, it’s wasting time.

“I am not going to waste time talking about individual situations.

“Players that don’t play need to wait until I am sacked or go elsewhere to find another solution.

“Wasting time like this is not going to change, not going to put pressure on me, no one is going to blackmail me, the club is not going to put pressure on me otherwise I go home.”

While this rant was an attack on the general football system and maybe the players who want to leave the club but we feel that Mauricio Pochettino is frustrated at the fact that his club have not signed even a single player during the summer transfer window.

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