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Lionel Messi Argentina Barcelona

Argentina lost their second game of the World Cup group stages 3-0 to Croatia and with that the Latin American side have really pitched the odds against themselves in the bid to qualify for the knockout stages.

Iceland lost their second game 2-0 to Nigeria meaning that Sampaoli’s side still have a glimmer of hope. Having said that though, they would still require a complex combination in order to move to the knockout stages.

After Argentina were dismantled and humiliated by the European team, a lot of fans were heartbroken.

An Argentine TV show even went to the lengths of observing a minute’s silence for the loss but one Messi fan might have taken it too far.

A die-hard fan of Lionel Messi in Kerala, India, left a suicide note and disappeared from his house after Argentina’s 3-0 loss to Croatia.

The man in question is 30-year-old Dinu Alex who left a suicide note which read that he was departing to the depths of death.

As per the timings in India, the match ended late at night in Kerala and the suicide note was only found by his mother at around 5:30 am in the morning – as per the reports.

Since then an extensive search operation has been carried out by the police but Dinu Alex is yet to be found.

Iceland’s loss to Nigeria means that Argentina still have a possibility of qualifying for the next round but first Lionel Messi and co will have to ensure that they win their last Group Stage game and that too by a good margin.

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