Bruce Grobbelaar
Bruce Grobbelaar

Football is widely regarded as the sport that brings unity and joy to millions of people across the globe and today we have seen a perfect example of that.

Former Premier League legend Bruce Grobbelaar has opened up about the horrors of war and how football helped him bring back his sanity.

Goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar played the majority of his Premier League career with Liverpool(1981-1994) but what many people did not know is the fact the keeper served an 11-month period in the army during the Rhodesian Bush War.

This incident though was before Bruce Grobbelaar played for Liverpool and during which Rhodesia became Zimbabwe.

And speaking about the horrors Bruce Grobbelaar has told the BBC about his life as an enemy tracker and how he took a man’s life.

“You’re not the same person once you have done it,” Grobbelaar said.

“You have to live with the consequences for the rest of your life.

“The memories have subsided somewhat, but there are times when you are with your mates back in Africa and they particularly like to speak about it. I don’t.

“After that, for about a two or three-week period, I do get cold sweats and wake up with those feelings again.”

Bruce Grobbelaar eventually went on to play for Zimbabwe representing the country a total of 32 times and is easily one of the most successful keepers at Liverpool having won six first division titles with the Reds.

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