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Jose Mourinho

Argentina suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Croatia on Thursday night as a result of which now their survival in the World Cup hangs in the balance.

The Latin American side were dismantled 3-0 by Luka Modric and his teammates but the initiation of the downfall was clearly started by Argentine keeper Willy Caballero.

Caballero’s sloppy pass to his defender inside his own penalty box was intercepted by Ante Rebic and the Croatian wasted no time in making it 1-0.

And after this sloppy performance from Chelsea’s second choice keeper, Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has lashed out at him.

In his own style of course.

Mourinho told Russia Today: “They had one chance and they scored one goal. Cabellero in goal, or myself, would be the same because I would save the same as Cabellero.

“Croatia is a team with some talented experienced players that play in the best clubs in the world,

“Especially in that midfield, the best in the world.”

Jose Mourinho’s comments are surely one of the harshest we have heard so far but we feel the United boss just might have spoken out of some personal grudge since it was his team’s keeper Sergio Romero who was scheduled to be the No 1 for Argentina this was World Cup but was left out because of an injury.

Now that Iceland have lost their second group game to Nigeria, Argentina still have a hope of going into the knockout stages but all that depends on how both Iceland and Sampaoli’s side perform in their final game of the group.

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