Rafa Benitez Newcastle United news
Rafa Benitez Newcastle United

Newcastle United are currently just four points clear(when this article was written) from the relegation zone and the Magpies have a number of tough fixtures coming up.

On Boxing Day they will face Liverpool at Anfield and then in the first game of 2019, Newcastle United will host Manchester United at St James’ Park.

And this is the game that Rafa Benitez seems to be most worried about.

The Newcastle United manager was recently asked as to what he thought about Man United sacking Jose Mourinho to which he showed a great deal of concern.

“I think as a manager, you don’t want to see any manager lose their job, so that is very clear,” the Newcastle United boss said.

“The main thing for us is how this will affect our game against Manchester United on January 2.

“Hopefully our analysis department will be working now on the new tactics and the new ideas, but that’s it. Hopefully it will not be bad for us, and hopefully, we can get three points against them.”

Now that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been appointed as the caretaker manager at Manchester United, everyone expects the Red Devils to shed their defensive cloak and get back to playing attacking football.

During the reign of Jose Mourinho, even smaller clubs have not hesitated to press United and more often than not, they have managed to come out of the game with something.

But now if Man United get back to playing the ‘United way’ then surely Newcastle United could be in for a bit of a hammering in their very first game of the season.

Like Newcastle United, United will face a series of easy opponents until they take on Tottenham Hotspur during the second week of January which means Solskjaer will have the opportunity to pick up maximum points.

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