Manchester City beat Swansea City 5-0 at the Etihad on Sunday and having already wrapped up the Premier League title it was time for some celebrations for both the players and the fans.

After the final whistle was blown during the Swansea game, a swarm of fans invaded the pitch in order to celebrate the title victory.

And now Manchester City will have to explain the invasion to the Football Association.

Since there was no violence reported, England’s governing body will not punish the newly crowned English champions.

Manchester City manager defended the fans after the match by saying: “Football is an emotional game,

“I understand you have to be careful, but when they feel they want to share that they are happy, it is better they stay where they should stay, but I’m not going to tell them don’t do that.

“If they are happy I like to be close with the team. They show how happy they are and that is the most beautiful thing, we can live like professionals, a manager and football players. We felt that today. The fans here were so happy.

“It’s time to celebrate it. I’m not going to tell anybody don’t enjoy it. I’m not going to tell them.

“Our fans, today from the beginning they were there and singing and close to us. Sometimes they are more cold,

“Especially Liverpool after 1-1 from Salah [in the Champions League earlier this month], the people react amazingly, so close to the team. That means a lot to us.

“They know we are an honest team, a humble team, in the way we play without the ball, the way we press, the way we try to be honest. People realise that. That’s why we are close.”

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