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Joe Hart West Ham Man City

Manchester City keeper Joe Hart is currently the third choice keeper under Pep Guardiola and the English International is desperate to move out of the club before the transfer window closes down.

Hart spent the past two seasons on loan spells with Torino and West Ham respectively but that has done nothing for him in terms of winning back the faith of the City boss. And now that he has returned back to Manchester the 31-year-old is looking to move out once again – for good this time.

His last season with West Ham was a disaster which resulted in him not being selected for the World Cup and recently the shot-stopper explained that he needed to move somewhere permanent.

And up until now, it was being believed that Joe Hart would be moving back to London – this time to join Chelsea. But now it seems that the Blues are in course to signing Rob Green.

The rumours of Rob Green moving to Stamford Bridge have popped up suddenly but the deal is on it’s way to completion – according to the major tabloids in England.

This though means that Joe Hart will once again have to find a new club who is interested in signing him up.

But with the transfer window in the Premier League shutting down on August 9th it could very well mean that the 31-year-old will have to move out of the Premier League.

As per the new rules, the EPL clubs can only buy players until the 9th of next month but can continue to sell players even after that date. And this means that Pep Guardiola will happily release the unwanted Joe Hart after the 9th of August but he would be able to join any Premier League club.

Last season, Joe Hart chose to stay in England so that he can have a shot at going to the World Cup. But now that burden is no longer there, the 31-year-old might consider joining a La Liga or Seria A club.

Only if someone is interested in signing him that is.

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