The Football Association are planning to sell the Wembley Stadium to American billionaire Shahid Khan who is currently the owner of Fulham and also the NFL side Jacksonville Jaguars.

The American has tabled an 800 million pound offer for the stadium and as per the Daily Mail, the FA are on the verge of accepting this monumental deal.

So, what is this deal all about and how will it affect the football fans?

 What is the exact deal to sell the Wembley Stadium?

The total bid that has been tabled is 800 million pounds out of which Shahid Khan has offered 500 million pounds upfront to the FA and would allow them to keep the Club Wembley hospitality business.

Why does Khan want to purchase the Wembley Stadium?

Shahid Khan bought Fulham back in 2013 and since then his NFL side Jacksonville Jaguars have played in London every year in order to promote American football in the UK. As of now, it seems like Khan’s ultimate aim is to relocate his Jaguars side to London.

How will the purchase affect football matches that are currently being played at the Wembley?

If the deal is agreed upon then the FA would still be able to host the majority of England’s matches at the stadium. The FA-Cup final, Championship play-off and Rugby League’s Challenge Cup final will also be played at the venue. But the autumn internationals will be held all across the country when the deal is finalized.

Is this deal good news or bad news for football fans?

The deal would not affect football at large as most of the big games would still be played at the Wembley Stadium. It’s just that the international friendlies would be shifted to other venues which is actually a good thing for fans who stay far away from London.

When will the sale of the Wembley Stadium be completed?

The current agreements for the Wembley stadium are such that the deal would not be completed before 2020.

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