Cristiano Ronaldo Ajax vs Juventus Champions League
Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo returned back to Old Trafford on Tuesday when Juventus took on Manchester United in the Champions League.

And this was the homecoming that the United fans had been waiting for since the draw was announced a couple of months ago.

With applauding Cristiano Ronaldo onto the pitch and then singing his name after the final whistle, the Old Trafford faithful did everything to make the Juventus man feel at home.

And Cristiano Ronaldo proved once again why he is the darling amongst the Man United fans.

Not one but two invaders tried to run onto the pitch and shake hands with 33-year-old.

The first one came during the first half but the stewards got hold of him before the invader could reach the Juventus star. But being the gentleman that he is, Ronaldo stepped forward to shake hands with the man.

The second pitch invader rushed onto the pitch after the final whistle and just like the first one, he too was stopped before he could go and hug Cristiano Ronaldo.

But Cristiano Ronaldo stopped the stewards and took the pitch invader’s phone and clicked a selfie with the fan.

Yes, the former Man United heartthrob clicked a selfie with a pitch invader.

Here’s the video:

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