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Jose Mourinho

The Glazers are reportedly not happy with Jose Mourinho’s behaviour.

Before the international break, Mourinho was supposed to be sacked by the Manchester United management – as per reports in the British media.

This was due to the fact that the manager had gotten into a fight with Paul Pogba inside the dressing room following which he uttered some unkind words infront of the camera after a Premier League game.

Jose Mourinho though was quick to bring down all these rumours claiming that he has the full backing of the Man United board.

And honestly a couple of weeks have passed since then and the Portuguese is still in charge of the club.

Now though fresh reports are coming out of England which claim that the owners of Manchester United have sent out a message to Jose Mourinho asking him to keep his mouth shut.

Apparently the Glazers not very happy with Mourinho’s conduct and want him to behave more appropriately in front of the media.

Recently Mourinho riled up the Chelsea fans at Stamford Bridge – pointing three fingers at the crowd suggesting to the success that he had brought the Blues.

And he chose to do the same thing this midweek against the Juventus fans who travelled to Old Trafford for the Champions League game.

Now it looks like the Manchester United owners have had enough with Jose Mourinho and want him to focus on winning matches instead of riling up the opponents.

Mourinho has tried to pick a more attacking team for his past two fixtures clearly showing that the manager is coming under pressure to score goals and put out a more attacking display.

It now remains to be seen whether Jose Mourinho chooses to follow the order from the club’s owner or go his own merry way.

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