Ever since Arsene Wenger announced last week that he would be stepping down from his position as Arsenal manager at the end of the season, everyone is busy identifying who will replace him at the Emirates.

But not many people are taking out Wenger’s life once he moves out of London.

Ever since Arsene Wenger made the announcement, a couple of reports have claimed that Ligue 1 side PSG are interested in bringing the Frenchman onboard during the summer after their current manager Unai Emery moves out at the end of the season.

Wenger too has harboured feelings of moving to either France or Spain after his life at Arsenal comes to an end.

But now according to a report in the Mirror Sport, the current Gunners boss could head far east.

The news claims that a club in China has offered a deal to Arsene Wenger which if he chooses to accept will make him the highest paid manager in world football.

Currently, Chinese national team manager Marcello Lippi is in pole position, earning a handsome £24 million a year. But is Wenger does decide to move to China he will technically earn more than Lippi.

The Arsenal boss wants to stick to his ideology which he has been following at Arsenal as he wishes to join a club where he will have the opportunity to nurture young talents.

When Sir Alex Ferguson retired for management he straight away took a position on the United board but Arsene Wenger has decided to sever all ties with his club. And this is a clear indication that the Frenchman will manage a new club once he moves out of the Emirates at the end of the season.

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