Premier League new handball rule

The 201 edition of the FIFA World Cup was truly a special affair, both for the entertainment on the pitch as well as those slightly off it.

We are talking about the VAR.

The Video Assistant Referee has been a much-debated topic since the past couple of years and FIFA finally launched it onto the big stage during the recently concluded World Cup. And almost everyone can claim that the new technology was an overwhelming success.

And now it seems that even the UEFA is ready to follow suit as it plans to introduce VAR to the Champions League – this very season.

According to a report, the governing body of football in Europe is considering to introduce VAR in the Champions League from the quarter-final stages the final decision on which is set to be taken next month.

Previously UEFA had been against the use of VAR as a result of which they had added one official each behind the goal. But this strategy had proved to be a massive failure and as a result of which UEFA have quickly resorted to VAR – especially after the positive reviews, it got during the World Cup.

This though is just a recommendation and the final call will only be taken next month – so chances are that the decision could go either way.

But if the VAR did manage to get enough trust votes then it will be included only from the quarter-final staged since making such big arrangements for the group stages will not be practically possible.

Reports suggest that UEFA are not against the idea of using the technology from the very onset of the tournament but they feel that a large number of grounds are currently not equipped with the facilities to run VAR.

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