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The FIFA World Cup 2018 has certainly lived up to the hipe with a number of shocking results coming up during the group stages.

While the players are busy making their statements on the pitch, off the pitch it’s certainly Diego Maradona who has been stealing all the thunder.

Maradona has been in constant limelight during his visit to the stadium when Argentina are in action. And now that Messi’s side have qualified for the knockout stages, the former World Cup winner’s antics are set to continue.

But do you know that FIFA are actually paying Diego Maradona to be present at the World Cup?

Yes, as bizarre as it may sound but the governing body of football are actually paying Diego £10,000 per day plus travel and accommodation expenses to make an appearance during the game.

This is a part of FIFA President Gianni Infantino’s legends concept where former legends of the game have been invited to the World Cup in order to increase the entertainment value of the tournament.

Apart from Diego Maradona, players like Ronaldo, Carles Puyol, Iker Casillas and Samuel Eto’o are also part of the legends concept.

But none have grabbed more eyeballs than the Argentina legend – that too for all the wrong reasons.

Maradona has done all kinds of things from hurling his own banner from the VIP box to showing the middle finger as part of his goal celebrations to bingeing on white wine.

And these have raised a lot of concerns about FIFA’s noble idea going horribly wrong.

While you will see all the other legends sitting perfectly in the VIP box holding on to their dignity, Diego Maradona is the lone figure who is seen possibly ‘misusing’ the legends tag.

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