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Rangers FC have gone through a revolution under their new manager Steven Gerrard ever since he took charge of the club during the summer.

So far the manager has made 12 new signings during the transfer window and a handful of more players are set to arrive at the club before Friday.

And all this overhaul has clearly rejuvenated the Light Blues’s performances on the pitch. So naturally, with all the good results coming out every weekend, the demand for tickets at Ibrox have also shot up.

The club have gone on record to claim that the demand for tickets during the 2018-19 season has been some of the highest during the recent years and the management is trying very hard to please most of the fans.

Now it seems that the club have finally come up with a solution.

Rangers have announced that they will be starting a secondary ticketing process during the current season which will allow season ticket holders to put up their tickets for sale and in turn earn money from them.

In case a season ticket holder is not able to attend a game then he can opt to put his ticket on sale officially via the Rangers’ ticketing portal and once the club runs out of normal tickets then they will open up the re-sale tickets for the general public.

In this way, the fans who do not intend to watch a particular game can still make money out of their tickets and on the other hand, the club can also curb the huge demands especially during high profile games.

Rangers released a statement on their official website which read:

“Simply release your seat and it will be made available for sale once all general match tickets have been sold. If your seat is sold, a credit will then be applied to your account and redeemed automatically against the cost of your 2019/20 season ticket.

“The amounts applied to your account will be as follows:


Adult                – £30

Concession      – £30

Junior               – £30

GRADE B FIXTURE (Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibernian)

Adult                – £17

Concession      – £12

Junior               – £6

GRADE C FIXTURE (All other SPFL opponents)

Adult                – £15

Concession      – £11

Junior               – £5

To read the fine print of the secondary ticketing process you can read the full article here.

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