Skhodran Mustafi
Leicester City King Power Stadium

The Leicester plane crash has rocked the footballing world.

Leicester played out a 1-1 draw vs West Ham United at the King Power Stadium shortly after which the owner’s helicopter came crashing down and exploded outside the stadium.

The plane had been cleared for takeoff but shortly after this it lost control and crashed.

As many as five people lost their lives in the Leicester plane crash which included the club owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha.

While no one inside the plane survived the Leicester plane crash but it seems that pilot Eric Swaffer was the true hero of the incident.

Swaffer, 53, was a veteran pilot who had a career spanning 20 years and he had previously flew members of the Royal Family.

His impressive portfolio also included flight jobs for Channel 4’s Big Breakfast and Virgin Radio.

And he was probably responsible for saving the lives of hundreds of people who were present in the parking lot of the King Power Stadium.

Eric Swaffer had the presence of mind to sway the plane out of the crowded parking lot and try to land it as far away as possible.

Eric Swaffer’s partner Izabela was also part of the tragic Leicester plane crash and the Polish-born lady was the co-pilot of the plane.

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