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The Premier League is the most popular and competitive league in the world. Let’s just start with that.

While many will argue that the other leagues such as the La Liga and the Bundesliga have equally big stars but the unpredictability of the Premier League is what makes it so intriguing.

One could be a neutral fan watching a relegation battle in the EPL and you will still be engulfed in the drama throughout the match. But the same cannot be said about the other leagues.

While the above-mentioned points are pretty common and almost everyone knows them, a fan on Twitter recently made some observations which have forced us to look at the matter in a totally new angle.

A Twitterati with the username @fianlthrd posted a comparison image between the Premier League and the Serie A which has gone viral amongst the fans.

In the two pictures on can clearly see the massive broadcast differences between the Serie A and the Premier League. While the English league broadcast looks so vibrant, the Serie A picture, on the other hand, looks plain dull.

And the user also tried to explain the primary reasons as to why this massive difference occurs.

He added: “to those asking why the PL probably does some combination of the following things – modifies the source feed colour – has higher quality stadium cameras – has more visually pleasing grass no matter what it is, other leagues need to take note.”

And immediately these set of tweets erupted and fans from all across Europe started bashing their domestic leagues for not caring too much about the football in their respective countries.

The Twitter user then went on to further support his claim by posting a 2016 article from ESPN which clearly shows that La Liga has demanded greener grass on the pitch in order to boost television broadcasts.

It is high time for the other league to sit up and take notice, or else they might never reach the levels of the Premier League which will surely affect their revenues in the long run.

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