Kenny Miller
Kenny Miller

Former Rangers FC striker Kenny Miller has finally opened up about the harsh treatment which was handed out to him by the club just days after joining Dundee.

Miller signed a two-year deal with Dundee on the 29th of August and now the 38-year-old has talked about the circumstances which forced him to leave Rangers at the end of the 2017-18 season.

Kenny Miller was involved in an alleged altercation with then manager Graeme Murty which forced him to move out of the club once his contract expired at the end of the season – shortly after which the striker was fined and investigated by the club.

Now speaking to talkSPORT, Kenny Miller has said: “Everybody knows what my feelings are for that club, and to represent them over 300 times over the course of eight years and then leave the way I had to leave…

“It was not disappointing but devastating… it really was.

“It’s one of those things you just have to get over and accept because it was taken out of my hands, but it still hurts the way I had to leave that football club because it was a definite departure from what I would have envisaged at the start of last season.”

Kenny Miller has also hinted that he will not shy away from dropping names sometime in the near future but as of now, he wants to focus on his new career at Dundee.

Kenny Miller added: “That’s something I will have to have a long, hard think about,

“A lot of things have happened even since then, and I’m focused on my career now; I’m not looking back, I’m looking forward.

“I’ve just been given a two year deal with Dundee, and I’ll hopefully make my debut sometime tomorrow. So I’m really focused on that.

“Down the line… who knows? I think there are a lot of wrongs that need to be righted, and a lot of things need to be out there – facts, no stories or fiction.

“So yes, maybe further down the line maybe that will come out.”

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