VAR Premier League Frank Lampard

The goal-line technology was introduced in the Premier League a couple of seasons ago and since then it has proved to be a perfect solution to all those close call decisions for the referees.

Up until now, the goal-line technology has not proven to be faulty and almost every team agrees with the decision that is given by the referee using this tech.

Now though things could take a turn for the worse as recent images show that the goal-line technology is not as perfect as it first seemed.

This incident took place during the Cardiff vs Arsenal game in the Premier League which ended with a scoreline of 2-2.

Aubameyang scored Arsenal’s second goal for the game in the 56th minute but it was awarded only after using goal-line technology.

The images showed that the ball was millimetres over the line meaning the decision was accurate.

But things went a bit crazy once the game concluded.

After the match ended fresh images showed that the ball actually did not cross the line meaning Arsenal should not have won the match.

And this discrepancy has forced a debate on social media over the accuracy of the goal-line technology.

This is the first time any such debate over goal-line technology has come into light apart from which the tech has been flawless.

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