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Racism in football might not be so prominent these days but this menace is refusing to go away.

Every now and then we hear stories about footballers being racially abused and during the past year or so, a number of fans from the Premier League clubs have been guilty of using racial slurs against the players.

Up until now, it was majorly the concerned clubs were would be taking action against the accused. But now the Premier League seems to have finally stepped up to stop racism.

The Premier League has launched the No Room for Racism campaign through will it is planning to end discrimination in football.

As per Sky Sports, “No Room for Racism and Kick It Out branding will feature across stadia for the next two rounds of fixtures. Premier League skippers will also wear Kick It Out captain’s armbands at all matches in recognition of the contribution made by the organisation in tackling discrimination in football over the last quarter of a century.”

Premier League interim chief executive, Richard Masters, said: “It is evident there is still a minority of people who think discriminatory behaviour is acceptable, but the No Room for Racism campaign makes it clear that it will not be accepted by the Premier League and our clubs.

“We know how passionate football fans are, but this should never lead to any form of prejudice. We want everybody to be positive and respectful, create a welcoming atmosphere and show that football is everyone’s game.

“Together with our clubs, we are proud of the diversity throughout the Premier League, in the stands, on the pitch and within our communities,

“Working with Kick It Out since 1993, great progress has been made in tackling racism through a range of initiatives and club partnerships.

“We are also aware that much more needs to be done, and the Premier League is committed to further promoting inclusion and diversity throughout our competition and beyond.”

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