Jurgen Klopp Liverpool
Jurgen Klopp Liverpool manager

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is often referred to as one of the more classy managers in European football.

To put it in simpler words, he is everything that Jose Mourinho is not.

Yes, the German can be eccentric and ostentatious down on the touchline but when it comes to respecting opponents he is one of the best.

Occasionally there are instances when he would run onto the pitch to hug his players when they score late winners – but there we can forgive those.

But for the longest time, many fans have felt, Jurgen Klopp is like every other manager meaning he will do anything to win and on top of that he is a sore loser.

The first big example game earlier this season when Jurgen Klopp blamed the wind for losing points during a game. And to everyone’s surprise, this is not the first time that the German has blamed the nature for not supporting Liverpool in their quest to Premier League glory.

And now it looks like the cat is finally out of the bag after what the Liverpool ground staff chose to do during their 1-1 draw vs Leicester.

The Reds took the lead through Sadio Mane in the 3rd minute but it was Harry Maguire who pulled the goal back for the Foxes during the first half injury time.

And what followed during the half-time break has not gone down too well with the football fans.

After the match, there were several allegations that the Liverpool ground staff chose to clear the snow out of the penalty area which Liverpool would be attacking in the second half and did not even bother to move towards the Leicester attacking area.

Here’s the video:

Needless to say that this action has infuriated many football fans who have been calling out the club and the manager especially after since Jurgen Klopp always seems to set a moral high ground for him.

But the Liverpool boss has now come out to explain why such a thing had occured.

“The situation was like everybody saw. The first half we had 80 per cent of the ball so only one team suffered and it was us,” said the Reds boss.

“It was clear that our groundstaff tried to clear it but they didn’t have enough manpower. They realised how difficult it was when they started doing it, not before.

“There was no plan, nobody told them, I can swear, to clear only our side or our box.

“I hear people say it’s unsporting, but it’s an advantage if their box is clear then it’s better to defend.

“It’s no coincidence that in the first half we scored a goal in a box that was full of snow. That’s how it is, we cannot change it.”

These kinds of actions are not rare at all and teams often do these kinds of things to gain an advantage during the match.

But then we expect these moves to come from someone predictable – not from Jurgen Klopp.

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