UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League

Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur in the UEFA Champions League final this weekend and this season has been a fine one for English clubs participating in Europe.

While this season has wrapped up but preparations for next season has already begun and there are a number of rule changes will are about to be brought in to the Champions League next season.

Here are the 9 rule changes that will come into effect in the Champions League:(as reported)


Next season teams can name 12 substitutes on the bench with three changes available in during the normal 90 minutes and one extra change if the match goes into extra time.

Note: This rule was also in play during this year’s Champions League final.

Setting up a wall during free-kicks:

No attacking player would be allowed to stand in between the wall during a free-kick setup and the attackers will have to stand at least one metre away from the defensive wall.


Goal-kicks and free-kicks which take place inside the penalty area will not have leave the penalty area from the next season in the Champions League. No opponent will be allowed to get into the box while the shot is being taken.

Drop balls:

The team which last touched the ball will be presented with it at the drop ball, with opposing players having to stand at least four metres away.


Goalkeepers will have to keep at least one foot on the goal line during penalties and they will also be prevented from touching the goalposts.

Leave early:

In the Champions League next season, players who are being substituted will be allowed to leave the pitch at the nearest possible position as opposed to the half-way line.


From the next season, the team winning the coin toss will be allowed to choose kick-off as opposed to the side they start on.

Punishment for managers:

Managers can now also be shown yellow and red cards for misbehaviour during the Champions League matches.

Nothing handy:

Any goal that has been intentionally or unintentionally influenced by touching of a hand will not be allowed to stand during the Champions League matches next season.