Jermain Defoe Rangers FC
Jermain Defoe

Rangers FC have really improved their performances on the pitch ever since Steven Gerrard took charge of the club and this has a lot to do because of the players that the manager has chosen to bring into the club.

Unlike other bosses, Gerrard has not only gone after the big-name players but instead, he has managed to find that sweet balance between youth and experience.

And now giving an insight into his future plans, the Rangers boss has revealed the players which he intends to keep at the club beyond the summer.

Gerrard said(as reported): “The people I’m talking about are the likes of Jermain, Allan, Steven — they’re not on long-term deals but are very much in the plan.

“They are on top form and players we want around longer than the end of the season.

“I don’t look at age. I look on form, I look on what you offer, what your contribution is on a daily basis.

“What you are bringing to the team and what you are potentially bringing to the team over how many years we are talking.

“I think when you’re dealing with players of this age, you’re never going to offer them a two or three-year deal. But at the same time, you don’t want to lose them because they’re so valuable to us.

“They are players who help drive the standards and drive the dressing room and are helping me on a daily basis. Can you imagine how difficult my job would be now if those three were leaving in the summer?”


All the three players mentioned by the club have played key roles for Rangers this season which is why the fans can have very little complaint about this decision from their manager.

Defoe might be 37 years old but it is pretty much certain that he will not be returning back to his parent club, Bournemouth and in case Morelos leaves in January, the former England international will become a key player for the Ibrox outfit.

Also, both McGregor and Davis are in the final year of their contracts which is why Gerrard is in such a hurry to close these deals.

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