Finally, the new Spurs’ stadium was unveiled after months of delay and the Lilywhites made a winning start at their new home.

Initially, the new Spurs’ stadium was supposed to be opened at the start of the 2018-19 season but that date kept pushing back and at one point it looked like the home team had to play the whole of the current season at Wembley.

But finally, after passing many obstacles, the new Spurs’ stadium was finally ready to host their beloved team.

And to be extremely honest, that new structure looks absolutely swanky.

While most of the fans are rejoicing that they finally got a new home which can match up to the standards of their North London rivals Arsenal but there might be a slight problem.

The Gunners played Newcastle United at home last Monday and the official attendance was 59,869 which is counted by the number of tickets sold.

But for the Spurs vs Palace match, the official attendance was 59,215 which was counted by the number of people entering the stadium.

Technically, the new Spurs’ stadium should hold 2000 more spectators but now there are fears that some of the seats could be cut off due to the segregation of supporters.

This could very well mean that at the end of the day, the Gunners stadium could still hold more fans.

While Spurs have come out to claim that the first home game inside the new Spurs’ stadium was sold out but everyone is still unclear about the segregation process.

It looks like we have to wait until the next couple of matches in order to see what the actual capacity looks like when Spurs have a packed stadium.

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